SB 146 Emissions Testing Amendments


This bill removes the end date of the pilot program requiring emissions inspections of certain diesel-powered motor vehicles, making the requirement permanent. In 2018, HB 101 passed, requiring Utah County to include diesel passenger cars and trucks in their emisisons inspection program for a period of three years as a pilot program. At that time, Utah County was the only county (of the 5) that didn't include diesels as part of their program. The bill required a study and reporting to "prove" that testing diesels was an important strategy in reducing mobile emisisons. The first year of data was compelling. The study reported that the Division of Air Quality estimated the program reduced nearly 1,217.02 tons in the first year. Utah County inspectors also found 286 vehicles that had intentionally tampered with the emissions control equipment, having completely removed or installed cheat devices. These cars can emit hundreds to a thousand times as much pollution as a vehicle with properly working emissions control equipment.


  • Sen. Bramble, Curt.
  • Rep. Harrison, Suzanne.



Status : PASSED

2/18 Signed by Senate President. Sent for Enrolling.

2/18 House 3rd Reading. Passed. 40-28-7

2/16 House Transportation. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 10-0-2 Audio HERE.

2/10 Senate Passed 3rd Reading. 26-0-3

2/3 Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy and Technology. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 5-0-3 Audio HERE.

2/8 Senate 2nd Reading. Passed. 23-5-1

Scheduled Hearings

Past Hearings

Tuesday 2/16. 4:00 House Transportation. AGENDA.

Tuesday 2/3 3:40pm. Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy and Technology. Agenda HERE



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  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: PASSED