Building Code Review and Adoption Amendments


  • This bill amends provisions related to the State Construction Code


  • Rep Brad Wilson, R - Kaysville
  • Sen Stuart Adams, R - Layton


  • We wish this bill required that new houses be built with a well-insulated envelope and well-sealed, insulated heating ducts. It costs a little more during construction, but are expensive & difficult to retrofit. These efforts will continue to payoff the lifetime of the home, 50 years or more.
  • Senate 3/8 23-2-4, nay Hillyard & Shiozawa; 3/9 25 -3-1,nays Hillyard, Knudson Shiozawa; amended added both readings;3/10 House concurrence 51-21-3
  • Passed favorably 5-0. Took testimony from everyone that wanted to speak, 1 minute limit. Chair Bramble got many big laughs asking commenters how they would vote today if they were on the committee. Best laugh at Fromer Rep Frank Pignanelli, D, minority leader. Senate Business and Labor Committee
  • 2/26, Passed the House 40-22-13
  • Feb 16, House Business & Labor Committee passed 11 - 2 -1

Additional Info

  • Position: Passed
  • Bills: HB 316