Appropriation Recommendations from NRAE App Recommendations


  • These requests will only be funded if Executive Appropriations comes up with the money.
  • Monitoring Requested: $400,000 ongoing, $2.2 million one-time
  • CARROT Requested: $500,000 one-time
  • Research Requested: $250,000 one-time Pilot program: Screen for volatile organic compounds (VOC) leaking from oil and gas-condensate storage tanks, and work with companies to repair leaking equipment



  • Finally funded
  • Air Monitoring $1M 1x; $200k ongoing Jenkins/Arent
  • AQ Research $100k 1x; Redd/Arent
  • DEQ tech center, $6M 1x; Hall
  • AQ Awareness, $250k, EAC.
  • CARROT [$500k req] Noel
  • Clean Fuel Bus Conversion [$10M 1x] Handy
  • Action Alert: Ask your legislator to fully fund the Governor's requests for clean air funding. Click here to find your legislator.
  • Executive Appropriations Committee received report from NRAE App Subcommittee W 2/17; 4 pm Capitol Rm 445.