Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act


  • Complicated bill reduces regulatory authority of Public Service Commission, reduces risk to Rocky Mountain Power shareholders, increases risk to ratepayers


  • Sen Stuwart Adams, R - Layton
  • Rep. Lowry Snow, R - Santa Clara


  • Diverse interests oppose this bill: electricity consumer advocates; low-income advocates; clean energy, clean air, and environmental advocates; and major segments of Utah’s businesses and industry.
  • 3/10 At 3 pm last day,failed in House 33-40-2 after amendment to incresase funding for clean coal research. After dinner recess, 8pm, vote to reconsider, 2/3 vote 49-24-2. Passed House 46-26-3, and Senate concurence 20-8-1
  • 3/8 Favorable vote HPUT Motions at end: Becky Edwards: 5th substitute - add Rep Cox HB 256 net metering bill $2 monthly fee will not be increased by the PSC. Vote, 2 yes. Rep Arent moved House Committee Amendment 1; makes 6 small language changes to increase authority of PSC. Failed 5-6 Rep Hemingway moved to send to Interim study. Failed 5-6
  • Voted out favorable 6-5 Yeas, Christofferson, Dee, Grover, Handy, Ivory, Stratton, Nays: Arent, Chew, Edwards, Hemingway, Tanner.
  • 3rd Sub passed Senate 3/1 20-7-2; 3/4 20-7-2 2nd reading calendar, nays Dabakis, Escamilla, Hillyard, Iwamoto, Millner, Shiozawa, Vickers. .
  • Senate Transportation Public Utilities and Technology Committee voted favorably 6 - 1 - 0, Harper was the lone nay. Mayne expressed concerns, but wants the whole Senate to discuss.
  • To Gov for signature
  • 2/3 vote to reconsider, 8 pm, debate resumes.

Additional Info

  • Position: Passed
  • Bills: SB 115