High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit Amendments


  • As originally proposed, provided tax incentive for the refineries to expedite the production of Tier 3 gas & rural areas to build infrastructure for industrial, mining,manufacturing, or agriculture activity in Utah. Tesoro committed to Tier 3 in 2013, without this funding source.
  • Amended last day to remove refinery piece, due to lack of funding.


  • Sen. Ralph Oakerlund, R - Monroe
  • Rep Francis Gibson, R-Mapleton


  • This complicated bill was passed last year, but lacked some necessary elements. This revision gives rule-making authority to Office of Energy Development, gives OED the chairmanship of the Board, and increases the rural representation of the board.
  • 3/10 after discovery there was no funding for this bill, the House substituted bill, removing refinery tax credit, retained OED & Board revisions. House 72-0-3, Senate Concurence 26-1-2. Plan to continue to work on refinery piece.
  • 3/9 House 64-4-7, nays Briscoe, McCay, Roberts, Romero.
  • 3/7 Unanimous 9-0-2 Hearing House Public Utilities & Technology Committee
  • Passed Senate Feb 23, 27-1-1, Mar 3, 23-1-5. Nay, Dabakis
  • Heard in Sen. Transportation, Public Utilities & Technology Committee 2/1 l: Spoke for the bill Stephen Styler, Gov's Rural Partnership, [former] Sen. John Valentine, Utah State Tax Commission, & Lee Peacock, Utah Petroleum Association. Passed 4 - 0 - 2.
  • To Gov for signature after substituted to remove tax credits for Tier 3 fuel, due to lack of funding.
  • fn $4,100 DAQ permit revisions. Doesn't count lost tax revenues,
  • $14M ?

Additional Info

  • Position: Passed
  • Bills: SB 102