Petroleum Vapor Recovery Amendments


  • Creates criminal penalties for the drivers of petroleum truck drivers that do not recapture fuel vapor when transferring fuel to underground storage tanks.


  • Rep. Steve Eliason, R - Sandy


  • The vapor released during the filling process contains high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). When these VOCs are released into the atmosphere, they contribute to poor air quality and present a health risk in certain levels.
  • 3/7, Held in Senate Rules, failed.
  • 3/7, passed house 71-1-2, nay = Ipsom.
  • 2/29 passed House Public Utilities & Technology unanimously 9-0-2
  • Failed, stuck in Senate Rules
  • fn = est. one $1000 fine/5 yrs

Additional Info

  • Position: Failed
  • Bills: HB 385