Clean Fuel Conversion Amendments


  • Authorizes the DEQ to make grants from the conversion to alt. fuel grant program fund to a person installing conversion equip on eligible vehicles. Extends tax credit for energy efficient vehicles.


  • Rep. Steven Handy, R- N. Layton
  • Sen Todd Weiler, R - Woods Cross


  • Advances clean fuel conversions, propane, NG, electricity. AQ benefit of NG conversions declining as fleet & fuels clean up.
  • 3/10 Senate 25-2-2, nays Dayton, Fillmore. Amended to remove EV tax credit extension
  • 2/24, Senate 2nd reading 16-4-09; Tabled on 3rd reading. Bills that have a fiscal note wait here till final voting on budget, it's not over till the Session is over. Nays, Dayton, Harper, Henderson Urquhart.
  • 2/22 Passed out with favorable recommendation, unaminously Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment,
  • 2/12 Passed House 41 - 28 - 6, after substitution to clarify battery size.
  • 2/2 - Passed House Transportation Committee 8 -3 -2 [nays = Christopherson [R - Lehi], Fawspm [R - N. Provo], Liffert [R -Eagle Mt] Question: compare Tier 3 fuel & cars with CNG. Ans: about the same.
  • To Gov for signature, fn 1x $0.8M; OG = $1.3M

Additional Info

  • Position: Passed
  • Bills: HB 87