2023 Legislative Summary

2023 Summary

Passed Bills

SB 201 - Radon Notice Amendments Kennedy/Hall

This bill allows for educational information about radon to be provided to residential property owners that might be sent out along with annual tax notices this year only. The Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control will provide information to county treasurers on the presence of radon in some homes, the potential health effects of radon in homes, the availability of radon testing (retail or professional) and the availability of mitigation options if needed.

The county treasurers then may, at their discretion, include this information in a mailer containing annual property tax information this year. The original bill made this an annual mailing, however, there was concerns among home builders and realtors that led to the sponsor writing a sub that turned this into a onetime mailing with this year's tax notice. The sub scheduled its repeal at the end of 2023. 

HB 220 - Emissions Reductions Amendments Stoddard/Cullimore

The 4th and final sub requires the Utah Division of Air Quality to conduct a thorough inventory of point sources known to emit halogens (bromine, chlorine, fluorine, and iodine are compounds of interest to DAQ for both PM2.5 and Ozone). It also requires a Best Available Control Technology analysis to help guide reductions at these large industrial sources. This bill specifically targets a magnesium refinery currently outside the non-attainment area boundary. 

HB 319 - Uinta Basin Air Quality Research Project Chew/Winterton

This bill appropriates $150k to continue funding Dr. Seth Lyman's important research, infrastructure, and equipment for air quality in the Uinta Basin. 5 years ago a research project to undersatnd air quality in the Basin was started through USU Bingham Research Center. Winterime ozone pollution in the Basin is really unique to this area. This issue involves the oil and gas industry, which is the main economic driver of the region. Continued research is needed to better understand the issue. Between 2016-2023 this research has led to some improvements to air quality including:

  • Ozone Alert Program: High Ozone episodes are forecasted in order for oil and gas industry to reduce emissions when it matters most.
  • Latch the Hatch campaign: Oil and gas industry is using this research to identify high-impact emissions sources. 
  • Air Quality Improvement: Emissions have decreased as a percentage of Basin-wide energy production.

SCR 2 - Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Environmental Impact of Vehicle Idling Filmore/Loubet

This resolution encourages Utahns to turn off their engines, especially in areas where sensitive populations congregate; and encourages certain businesses, organizations, and entities to place signs educating drivers on the fuel savings of restarting an engine instead of idling.

HB 301 - Transportation Tax Amendments Schultz/Harper.

3rd. Sub. This bill increases vehicle registration fees by $7, reduces the rate of motor fuel tax from 16.5% to 14.2%, and imposes a 12.5% tax on the sale of electricity for electric vehicle charging at certain public charging stations per kilowatt hour or per hour, and deposits a portion of the tax into the transportation fund. The owner/operator of the charging station would be allowed to keep 6% of the tax for admin fees and the remaining would be deposited into the transportation fund. This 3rd sub introduces a potential charging subscription in lieu of the charging tax: a service for which a person pays a charging station operator a subscription fee for a reduced charging rate or unlimited charging during the subscription period. Takes effect 1/1/2024. 

HB 378 - Fireworks Amendments Pierucci/McCay

This bill provides that fireworks may be discharged between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. from January 1 through January 3. Negative impact to air quality because it adds additional days for fireworks. 

Failed Bills:

HJR 11 - Establishing a State Social Cost of Carbon Daily-Provost

This joint resolution recognizes the role of GHG emissions in driving global climate change and the significant risks of climate change to economic, human, and natural systems. The resolution also seeks to establish a method of estimating the "social cost of carbon" and the use in federal and state policymaking. This bill failed to be assigned out of rules. 

HB 514 - Fossil Fuels Tax Modifications Briscoe

This bill set to impose a tax on carbon dioxide emissions but failed to be assigned out of rules.