SB 201 Radon Notice Amendments


This bill allows for educational information about radon to be provided to residential property owners that might be sent out along with annual tax notices this year only. The Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control will provide information to county treasurers on the presence of radon in some homes, the potential health effects of radon in homes, the availability of radon testing (retail or professional) and the availability of mitigation options if needed.

The county treasurers then may, at their discretion, include this information in a mailer containing annual property tax information this year. The original bill made this an annual mailing, however, there was concerns among home builders and realtors that led to the sponsor writing a sub that turned this into a onetime mailing with this year's tax notice. The sub scheduled its repeal at the end of 2023. 

Radon is an important issue for indoor air quality. This radioactive gas is colorless and odorless and quite prevalent in the Mountain West. The gas is a heavier gas and usually is found in basements in homes. There is a lot of great information available to the public on DEQ's website including how to order test kits, etc. We encourage everyone to test their homes for radon, as longterm exposure can lead to lung cancer. 


  • Sen. Kennedy, Mike
  • Rep. Hall, Katy



Status - Passed

2/13 Senate Rev and Tax. Substituted. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 5-0-3

2/14 Senate 2nd Reading. Passed. 24-0-5

2/15 Senate 3rd Reading. Passed. 25-0-4

2/15 House Rules.

2/23 House Business and Labor. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 11-1-3

3/1 House 3rd Reading. Passed. 60-7-8

3/2 Signed by Senate President. Sent for Enrolling.

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2/13 Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee

2/23 House Business and Labor Committee

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