HB 301 Transportation Tax Amendments


3rd. Sub.

This bill increases vehicle registration fees by $7, reduces the rate of motor fuel tax from 16.5% to 14.2%, and imposes a 12.5% tax on the sale of electricity for electric vehicle charging at certain public charging stations per kilowatt hour or per hour, and deposits a portion of the tax into the transportation fund. The owner/operator of the charging station would be allowed to keep 6% of the tax for admin fees and the remaining would be deposited into the transportation fund. This 3rd sub introduces a potential charging subscription in lieu of the charging tax: a service for which a person pays a charging station operator a subscription fee for a reduced charging rate or unlimited charging during the subscription period. If passed this would take effect 1/1/2024. 


  • Rep. Schultz, Mike
  • Sen. Harper, Wayne



Status - Passed

2/7 House Rev and Tax. Substituted #2.

2/7 House Rev and Tax. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 9-2-2

2/13 House 3rd Reading. Passed. 56-11-8

2/16 Senate Rev and Tax

2/23 Senate Rev and Tax. Substituted. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 6-1-1

2/28 Senate 2nd Reading to Senate Rules.

3/1 Passed Senate 2nd Reading. 3rd Reading suspended. 19-5-5

3/2 House Concurs with Changes in Senate. 57-16-2

3/2 Signed by Speaker. Sent for Enrolling.

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