HB 220 Emissions Reductions Amendments


4th Sub. Final Passage.

The 4th and final sub for this bill is great. We are so pleased to have driven the changes necessary to make this bill useful and implementable. This requires the Utah Division of Air Quality to conduct a thorough inventory of point sources known to emit halogens (bromine, chlorine, fluorine, and iodine are compounds of interest to DAQ). It also requires a Best Available Control Technology analysis to help guide reductions at these large industrial sources. 

Bill history for reference:

Subbed in Senate Transportation 2/28, reverting back to looking at reducing bromine emissions, which is not as extensive as "halogens" which includes bromine but also several other important pollutants. It also brought back the arbitrary "90% reduction plan" without the UDAQ discretionary language. This reduction plan is premature, as UDAQ does not have a thorough inventory yet, and does not know what controls are available at this time. Also, USMag is not currently operating. 

Amended in House Natural Resources.

This bill was narrowed down in the 1st sub. to focus solely on "bromine" emissions from certain counties to capture certain industry pollution, requiring DAQ to conduct an emissions inventory and make a reduction plan. The amendment passed in House Natural Resouces made an important correction that would expand the inventory to "Halogens" instead of simpily bromine. "Halogens" includes bromine, but will also capture chlorine, fluorine, and iodine, which DAQ believes to be very important as the state continues progress on both ozone and pm2.5. The amendment also removed the reduction plan component. We feel this is a great amendment, as DAQ must first inventory to determine what can and what needs to be reduced, which ultimately is better positioned under the regulatory process.


  • Rep. Andrew Stoddard
  • Sen. Kirk Cullimore



Status - Passed

1/17 House Rules. 

2/17 Bill Substituted in House Rules.

2/17 to House Natural Resources.

2/22 House Natural Resouces. Amended. Passed. Favorable Recommendation 10-0-4

2/24 House Floor. Passed 3rd Reading. 72-0-4

2/28 Senate Transportation. Subsituted. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 4-0-3

2/28 Senate Rules.

3/2 Conference committee. 4th Sub worked out.

3/2 Senate 2nd and 3rd reading. Passed. 27-0-2

3/3 House Concurs. Final passage. 72-0-3

3/3 Sent for Enrolling.

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2/22  House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee

2/28 Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee

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