HB 26 License Plates Amendments


This bill relates to many issues with license plates, but for air quality, allows a county to exempt vehicles from emissions inspections under certain circumstances. The second substitute removes all provisions from original bill and first sub. related to personalized license plates. 

For vintage vehicles 1980 and older, a registered owner must sign a statement which would then exempt the vehicle from an emissions inspection. The new provision of significance in this bill is stated as follows:

1794     A county legislative body described in Subsection (1) may exempt a motor vehicle

1795     from an emissions inspection if:

1796          (a) the motor vehicle is 30 years old or older;

1797          (b) the county determines that the motor vehicle was driven less than 1,500 miles

1798     during the preceding 12-month period; and

1799          (c) the owner provides to the county legislative body a statement signed by the owner

1800     that states the motor vehicle:

1801          (i) is primarily a collector's item used for:

1802          (A) participation in club activities;

1803          (B) exhibitions;1804          (C) tours; or

1805          (D) parades; or

1806          (ii) is only used for occasional transportation.


  • Rep. Norm Thurston
  • Sen. Jake Anderegg


Currently monitoring this bill for any negative impacts to county emissions inspection and maintenance programs. 

Status - Passed

1/20 To House Transportation.

1/25 House Transportation. 1st Sub adopted. Passed. Favorable Recommendation 7-0-4

1/26 House 3rd Reading Calendar

1/31 House 3rd Reading. Passed 53-18-4

2/1 to Senate Business and Labor

2/15 Senate Biz & Labor. Substituted 1 to 2. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 5-0-3

2/28 Senate. Passed 3rd Reading. 26-0-3

3/1 House Concurs with Senate. 55-15-5

3/2 Sent for Enrolling.

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