2023 Bill Files and Potential Legislation

2023 Legislative Preview: Bill Files and Potential Legislation 

SB 28 Radon Related Amendments. Senator Sandall.

Utah Energy Act Amendments. Representative Wilcox. 

Utah Clean Energy Fund. Representative Briscoe.

Air Quality Impact Amendments. Representative Daily-Provost.

Residential Solar Amendments. Senator Harper. 

Vintage Vehicle Amendments. Senator Johnson.

Fireworks Amendments. Representative Pierucci.

Emissions Reduction Amendments. Representative Stoddard.

Electric Vehicle Charging Network Amendments. Senator Harper. 

Updated 1/11/2023. Stay tuned for additions and changes.

Governor's Budget Recommendations


Air Quality: $27.1 Million

  • $160,000 to study the air quality
    impacts of wind-blown dusts from the lake.
  • $25 million for a one-year
    statewide zero fare transit pilot with $500,000 for
    a zero fare transit study to analyze the impacts
    of the pilot.
  • $872,000 ongoing. Funding the needed staff and operating expenses for the equipment that was approved in the 2022 budget.
  • $118,000 one-time. Funding the Diesel Emissions Reduction Framework (SB 136 2022, Senator Escamilla).
  • Uinta Basin Air Monitoring infrastructure and Equipment. 

Water and Conservation: $561 Million

  • $132.9 Million Great Salt Lake

Important Dates: Use this link to find significant legislative session dates.

Tuesday, January 17. First day of general session.

Friday, March 3. Last day of general session.

Thursday, March 23. Last day Governor Cox may sign or veto bills.

Other Useful Links:

le.utah.gov. Use this link to access the main legislative website. From here you can access calendars, search for bills, find legislators and committees, etc. 

Reading Calendar. Use this link to stream live floor debates and votes.