HB 405 Switcher Amendments


This bill would require businesses that own "switcher" locomotives to ensure all switchers operated in rail yards with 4 or more switchers be powered by hydrogen fuel cell or battery-electric.

On 3/1 in Senate Transportation, Rep. Schultz requested the bill be held. UP has agreed to work on a partnership, Rep. Schultz wants to give them a chance to come to the table willingly. The "agreement" that has been made so far is to remove 3 Tier 0 switchers from Utah by end of Q2 2022. They will be adding 4 Tier 2 switchers, which they claim will reduce NOx by 33% and PM2.5 by 19-30%. There are also discussions to work with Rep. Handy on an agreement for the Tier 4 switchers with UP paying 25% and the state covering the other 75% using a few different sources of funding including federal DERA funds. 


  • Rep. Schultz, Mike
  • Sen. Cullimore, Kirk




2/15 Bill Numbered and Publicly Available

2/18 to House Economic Development

2/22 House Economic Development. Passed. Favorable Recommendation 7-0-2

2/22 House 3rd Reading Calendar. Passed. 69-0-6

2/23 Senate Rules

2/25 Senate Transportation. Held

3/1 Senate Trasnportation. Held 

Scheduled Hearings

Past Hearings

2/22 House Economic Development. Audio HERE

2/22 House Floor Debate. Audio HERE

2/25 Senate Transportation. Audio HERE

3/1 Senate Transportation. Audio HERE




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  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: HB 405