HB 311 Alternative Fuel Heavy Equipment Tax Credit


This bill provides incentives for the purchase of certain alternative fuel heavy equipment. Provides a corporate and individual non-refundable tax credit. Authorizes Utah Inland Port Authority to provide a matching grant to anyone who qualifies for this incentive. For this incentive alternative fuel is defined as fueled by natural gas, battery electric or fuel cell electric drivetrain AND meets certain zero or near-zero emissions standard criteria for three years. Tax credit maxes out at $500k. This bill also has a retrospective operation for a taxable year begining 1/1/2022. The UIPA piece would be repealed 7/1/2031.


  • Rep. Ballard, Melissa Garff
  • Sen. Hinkins, David



Status - Failed 3/2

2/22 to House Rev and Tax

2/23 House Rev and Tax. Substitued. 

2/23 House Rev and Tax. Passed. Favorable Recommendation 

3/2 Senate. Failed 10-18-1

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