SB 136 Air Quality Policy Amendments


This bill addresses the makeup and responsibilities of the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board and requires the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board to oversee a study conducted by the Department of Environmental Quality and make recommendations on a diesel emissions reduction plan framework. It expands the makeup of the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board to include one additional member, the Director of the Utah Department of Transportation. 

This bill was substituted on the Senate Floor, which removed the policy board component. 


  • Sen. Escamilla, Luz



Status - Passed 3/4

1/31 To Senate Transportation

2/2 Senate Transportation. Passed. Favorable Recommendation 4-0-4

2/10 Senate 2nd Reading. Passed 20-1-8

2/11 Senate 3rd Reading. Circled

2/23 Senate Floor. Substituted

2/23 Senate 3rd Reading. Passed 23-0-6

2/25 House Public Utilities. Passed. Favorable Recommendation 11-0-1

3/4 House 3rd Reading. Substitued. Passed 64-7-4

3/4 Senate Concurs with House Substitute 29-0-0

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  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: SB 136