SB 51 Transportation Amendments


This is a committee bill coming from the Transportation Interim Committee amending various provisions relating to motor vehicles and transportation. This bill amends the definition of a vintage vehicle to model year 1980 or older, and amends the exemption from emissions testing requirements of vintage vehicles to require emissions inspection or provide proof of special vintage vehicle insurance. The substitute bill adopted in House Transportation allows road projects that are for hydrocarbon transportation projects to receive funding from the Throughout Infrastructure Fund.


  • Sen. Harper, Wayne
  • Rep. Christofferson, Kay



Status - Passed 3/1

1/18 Senate Rules

1/19 Senate. Passed 3rd Reading 25 0 4 Listen to the audio recording HERE

1/20 House Rules

1/21 To House Transportation Committee

2/3 House Transportation. Subsituted

2/3 House Transportation Passed. Favorable Recommendation 9-0-3

2/24 House Floor. Substituted 1 to 3. 

2/24 House. Passed 3rd Reading 24-0-5

2/28 Signed by Senate President

3/1 Enrolled 

Scheduled Hearings

Past Hearings

2/3 House Transportation. 3:40pm Audio HERE

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Additional Info

  • Position: MONITOR
  • Bills: SB 51