HCR 7 Concurrent Resolution Regarding Improving Air Quality Through Enhanced Zero Emission Rail


This resolution describes the rail transportation impact on air quality and highlights that technology solutions, including information and communications technology and zero emission locomotives, can further reduce rail emission impacts.


  • Rep. Ballard, Melissa



Status - Passed 2/22

1/26 House Public Utilities, Energy, Technology

1/26 House Public Utilities, Held. Listen to audio recording HERE

2/2 House Public Utilities. Substituted 2nd Substitute.

2/2 House Public Utilties. Passed. Favorable Recommendation 12-0-0

2/10 House. Passed 3rd Reading. 69-0-6

2/15 Senate Natural Resource. Amended, Passed. Favorable Recommendation 7-0-1

2/18 Senate 3rd Reading. Passed 23-0-6

2/22 House Concurs with Senate 66-0-9

Scheduled Hearings

Past Hearings

1/28 House Public Utilities, Energy, Technology. 2pm

2/2 House Public Utilities, Energy, Technology. 3:40pm

2/15 Senate Natural Resources. 4:00pm 


Additional Info

  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: HCR 7