HB 186 Vehicle Registration Amendments


Passed 2/18. This bill makes changes to registration fees for certain alternative fuel vehicles (electric, plug-in hybrid) and modifies eligibility for the Road Usage Charge program. Right now EV drivers have the option to pay the $120 fee or participation in the RUC program at 1.5c/mile. This bill drops the per mile fee for the RUC program initially, see below. 

3 phases for Battery Electric Vehicles (all rates adjusted for inflation):

Phase 1: January 2023-December 2025

  • The maximum fee remains at $120
  • The per-mile RUC rate drops to 1.0 cents/mile

Phase 2: January 2026-December 2031

  • The maximum fee increases to $180
  • The per-mile RUC rate increases to 1.25 cents/mile

Phase 3: January 2032 ongoing

  • The maximum fee increases to $240
  • The per-mile RUC rate increases to 1.5 cents/mile
  • The ability to set the RUC rate reverts back to the Transportation Commission, which retains it's charge to set the rate as needed to maintain road funding.


  • Rep. Ward, Ray



Status - Passed 2/18

1/19 House Rules

1/27 to House Transportation

1/31 2nd Substitute adopted

1/31 Passed House Transportation. Favorable Recommendation 9-1-2

2/2 House 3rd Reading Calendar

2/7 House Passed 3rd Reading 61-11-3

2/10 to Senate Transportation

2/14 Senate Transportation. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 4-0-4

2/15 Senate 2nd Reading. Passed.

2/18 Senate 3rd Reading. Passed. 23-0-6

2/18 Signed by Speaker

2/22 Enrolled

Scheduled Hearings

Past Hearings

1/31 House Transportation. 2pm 

2/7 House Floor Debate

2/14 Senate Transportation. 8:30am

2/18 Senate Floor Debate



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  • Position: MONITOR
  • Bills: HB 186