2021 Legislative Summary


HB 45 – Radon Task Force (Rep. Keven Stratton/Sen. Scott Sandall)

Creates a task force to educate about and mitigate concerns with radon gas.

Fiscal note: $11,900 one-time

HB 91 – Tax Credit for Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicles (Rep. Andrew Stoddard/Sen. Lincoln Fillmore)

Extends a tax credit to certain heavy-duty vehicles that use natural gas, electricity, or hydrogen as their fuel.

Fiscal note: $500,000 on-going

HB 131 – State Facility Energy Efficiency Amendments (Rep. Stephen Handy/Sen. Todd Weiler)

Requires state facilities to submit utility efficiency information to be used by the State Building Energy Efficiency Program.

Fiscal Note: $0

HB 223 – Alternative Fuel Incentives Amendments (Rep. Melissa Ballard/Sen. David Hinkins Creates Tax credits for various hydrogen powered systems.

Fiscal Note: $0

SB 15 – Workforce Solutions for Air Quality Amendments (Sen. Dan McCay/Rep. Mike Winder)

Requires the Department of Human Resources to create teleworking options for workers on bad air quality days.

Fiscal Note: $49,000 one-time

2nd Sub SB 20 – Air Quality Policy Advisory Board Amendments (Sen. Jani Iwamoto/Rep. Christine Watkins)

Adds three academics to the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board and extends the sunset date for the Advisory Board.

Fiscal Note: $200 one-time; $2,200 on-going.

SB 22 – Compliance Advisory Panel Repeal Dates (Sen. Scott Sandall/Rep. Phil Lyman) Extends the repeal date for the Compliance Advisory Panel to 2023.

Fiscal Note: $0

SB 133 – Severance Tax Revenue Amendments (Sen. David Hinkins/Rep. Steven Lund) Creates the Division of Air Quality Oil, Gas, and Mining Restricted Account, to fund required air quality inspections of oil, gas, and mining.

Fiscal note: transfers $5,623,000 into new restricted accounts annually.

SB 146 – Emissions Testing Amendments (Sen. Curtis Bramble/Rep. Suzanne Harrison) Makes permanent a pilot emissions inspection program, which requires counties to have an emissions inspection program for certain diesel-powered vehicles.

Fiscal Note: $0


HB 89 – Hydrogen Tax Credit Amendments (Rep. Doug Sagers)

Income tax credit for hydrogen production systems.

Fiscal note: $3,700 on-going. Could cost $700,000 annually for each eligible hydrogen production-related economic development project.

HB 123 – Feasibility Study for Air Quality Laboratory (Rep. Stephen Handy) Requires the Division of Air Quality to study the feasibility of creating a premier state-level air quality and changing climate solutions laboratory. Fiscal Note: $21,500, one-time

HB 145 – Clean and Renewable Energy Requirement Amendments (Rep. Ray Ward)

Creates a standard for utilities to reach 50% of generation from solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and nuclear by 2030. The current state target is 20% of electric generation by 2025.

Fiscal Note: $0

HB 209 – Vehicle Registration Fee Revisions (Rep. Kay Christofferson)

Increases the additional registration fees for EVs, PHEV (plug-in hybrid) and hybrid vehicles.

HB 263 – Utah Clean Energy Fund (Rep. Joel Briscoe/Sen. Jake Anderegg)

Creates a public/private partnership to invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean energy projects.

Fiscal note: $1,000,000 one-time start-up funds

HB 320 – Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Amendments (Rep. Doug Sagers/Sen. David Hinkins)

Tax credit for hydrogen production.

Fiscal note: $1,360,000 on-going

HB 387 – Clean Air for Schools Pilot Program (Rep. Doug Owens)

Creates a pilot program in public schools using air cleaners in school classrooms.

Fiscal note: $231,500 on-going

HB 447 – Electric Vehicle Charging Amendments (Rep. Joel Briscoe)

Requires multi-unit housing to allow occupants to install EV charging infrastructure if the EV owner pays for the cost of installation and meets required standards.

Fiscal Note: $0

HCR 5 - Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Statewide Emissions Reduction Goals (Rep. Stephen Handy)

Encourages the support of clean air goals suggested by the Utah Road Map Technical Advisory Task Force: a 50% reduction in criteria pollutants, and 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Fiscal Note: $0

SB 93 – Emissions Test Amendments (Sen. Karen Mayne)

Requires an emissions inspection station, at the time of an emissions inspection, to inspect the lights and lamps to ensure the lights and lamps are functioning properly.

Fiscal Note: $0

SB 245 – Net Metering Amendments (Sen. Kirk Cullimore) Requires the Public Service Commission (PSC) to include positive externalities such as clean air when setting net metering rates.

Fiscal Note: $0

Appropriations Requests

Total requested funding for air quality bills and appropriations requests - ongoing and one-time funds: $4,978,800

Total passed funding for air quality bills and appropriations requests - ongoing and one-time funds: $843,100

HB 433 funding for public transit projects: $333,600,000

TOTAL FUNDING: $334,443,100


Salt Lake County Electric Bus Emissions Monitoring Project (Rep. Stephen Handy). Proof of concept for mobile air monitoring on UTA electric buses – will help fund the placement of air quality monitors on UTA electric buses in Salt Lake County. $80,000 one-time - SB 3, item 269

Front Runner double-tracking. Selective double-tracking of Front Runner rail lines will allow UTA to add Front Runner express service with four new Front Runner trains at certain locations. $100,000,000 one-time; $200,000,000 through bonding - HB 433, lines 567 & 873

Transit Enhancements. Includes: new Front Runner station in Vinyard, new UTA Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line in Salt Lake County, eastern extension of 2100 South S-Line across Highland Drive, plus railroad consolidation in Utah County to enhance southern extension of Front Runner and fund a transit environmental study at the Point of the Mountain. $1,600,000 one-time; $32,000,000 through bonding - HB 433

Box Elder County Air Quality Data collection and petition to EPA to separate Box Elder County from the Salt Lake Clean Air Nonattainment Area. $200,000 one-time

Not Funded

Enhanced Air Monitoring (Rep. Jeff Stenquist) Google Cloud platform for air monitoring database.

One-time: $519,000; On-going: $10,000 – Not funded

Clean Air Retrofit, Replacement, and Off-road Technology (CARROT) Fund (Rep. Suzanne Harrison) Provides funding for CARROT projects to replace fossil fuel small engine technology, and retrofit larger engines. One-time: $500,000 – Not funded

Clean Fuel Tech Fund (Rep. Suzanne Harrison) One-time: $500,000 – Not Funded