HB 145 Clean and Renewable Energy Requirement Amendments


Requires (by a certain date) a certain percentage of large-scale electricc utility's annual retail sales come from qualifying clean electricity if cost effective.

Defines "clean energy source" as:

(a) an electric generation facility or generation capability or upgrade that derives energy from one or more of the following:

(i) wind energy;

(ii) solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy;

(iii) wave, tidal, and ocean thermal energy;

(iv) geothermal energy;

(v) hydroelectric energy;

(vi) nuclear energy;

(vii) landfill gas or biogas produced from organic matter, wastewater, anaerobic digesters, or municipal solid waste;

(viii) waste gas and waste heat capture or recover, whether or not it is renewable, including methane gas from:

(A) an abandoned coal mine; or

(B) a coal degassing operation associated with a state-approved mine permit; or

(ix) municipal solid waste;

(b) hydrogen gas derived from any source of energy described in Subsection (5)(a);

(c) if an electric generation facility employs multiple energy sources, that portion of the electricity generated that is attributable to energy sources described in Subsection (5)(a) or (b); and

(d) electricity generated or purchased from qualifying carbon sequestration generation.


  • Rep. Ward, Ray.



Status : FAILED

3/2 House Returned to Rules

1/20. House Public Utilities, Energy and Technology. 

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