HB 017 Utility Permitting Amendments


Prohibits municipalities and counties from restricting the connection of utility services to customers on the basis of the type of energy the utility service provides. If passed, this would preemptively prevent local municipalities and counties from passing policies that would encourage new construction to use cleaner energy sources, ie electric heat, electric water heaters, etc. rather than natural gas fired appliances, in order to reduce both criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. The electrification movement to reduce emissions has been met with fierce opposition, and laws like this one have been enacted in several states, in order to prevent "natural gas bans" in new construction. 

Pollution from area sources will quickly become the largest source of air pollution in the coming years. Reducing pollution from natural gas appliances in new development could be a significant strategy to reduce area source pollution in the future. Especially considering the tremendous growth facing Utah in the coming years. This preemptive ban, if passed, would hinder this particular strategy.


  • Rep. Handy, Stephen.
  • Sen. Hinkins, David.



Status : PASSED

2/16 Enrolled. To printing.

2/12 Senate 3rd Reading. Passed. 25-3-1 

2/9 Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 6-1-0

2/3 Passed 3rd Reading. 51-18-6

2/3 Substituted.

1/25 House 2rd Reading. Circled.

Scheduled Hearings

Past Hearings

2/9 Tuesday. 2:00. AGENDA. Attend virtual meeting HERE.

1/21 House Public Utilities, Energy and Technology. Passed. Favorable recommendation. 8-4-0  Recording HERE.





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  • Position: OPPOSE
  • Bills: PASSED