SB 015 Workforce Solutions for Air Quality Amendments


Enacts reporting requirements for Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) related to teleworking options for state employees. Requires DHRM to work with state agencies to provide and measure teleworking options for state employees during bad air days and provide an annual report. Requires the Governor's Office of Management and Budget to notify state agencies of mandatory action days for air quality and other special circumstance days to encourage teleworking for those employees who are able to do so. 

**A substitute to this bill will be voted on 2/4 in Senate Government Operations. The substitute removes the color categories (red, purple, maroon) and focuses on encouraging teleworking for "mandatory action days" as defined by the Utah Division of Air Quality, and "other certain circumstance" days. 

The bill requires DHRM to provide a report describing the percentage of employees at each state agency that are able to telework in addition to a report of how many employees did telework on mandatory action days and certain circumstance days the previous fiscal year. Those agencies that have not met the goals must provide impediments to acheiving the goals and recommended strategies for achieving the goals in the following year. The target goal for "surge teleworking" is 90%. 

**On 2/17, the bill was amended to remove the 24 hour notice requirement, as circumstances require less notice to be given, and allows for GOMB to appoint a designee. 


  • Sen. McCay, Daniel. 
  • Rep. Winder, Mike.



Status : PASSED

3/3. Signed by Senate President. 

3/2. House 3rd Reading. Passed. 70-0-5

2/22. House Natural Resouces. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 12-0-2

2/17. Senate 3rd Reading. Passed. 26-0-3

2/16. Senate 2nd Reading. Passed. 28-0-1

2/4. Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions. 1st Substiute adopted. Passed. Favorable Recommendation. 5-0-3

1/19. Senate Government Operations Committee. 

Scheduled Hearings

2/4 Thursday, 3:40pm. Senate Government Operations Committee. AGENDA. Participate virtually HERE.


Additional Info

  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: PASSED