HB 92 Fire Amendments


This bill requires that certain fires be exempted from certain regulations. It prohibits a governmental agency from prohibiting fires being started when the U.S. National Weather Service clearing index for the area where the fire is to occur is above a certain level. This bill removes the Division of Air Quality from the process of planning prescribed fires and invalidates the Utah Smoke Management Plan. It places in jeopardy existing SIPs for PM2.5, PM10, Regional Haze, Infrastructure and Transport. It is inconsistent with County Resource Management Plans. New definitions are inconsistent with current forest management practices. There are better ways to increase options for prescribed fires that are already underway. This bill places in jeopardy EPA's proposed approval of Regional Haze SIP that when approved saves Rocky Mountain Power $750M in equipment and $150M in operating cost.


  •  Rep. Casey Snider





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