Air Quality Appropriations Funded

Total Legislative Funding (including fiscal note bills): $29,013,000 one time, $45,400 ongoing

State Teleworking - Rep. Arent. $6,253,000 one time.

- Funds teleworking expenses for state employees, with opportunities for more rural Utah employment. Requested $6,050,000 one time. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at State Sites - Rep. Potter. $2,000,000 one time.

- Installs EV charging stations at state-owned facilities. Requested $5,830,000 one time. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment - Rep. Snow. $4,999,000 one time.

- Incentivizes businesses and government entities to install EV charging equipment. Fully funded.

Weatherization - Rep. Handy. $1,000,000 one time.

- Weatherization assistatnce that reduces energy consumption and NOx emissions from home heating appliances. Requested $1,500,000 one time. 

Pre-2007 State Vehicle Replacement Plan - Rep. Handy. $4,000,000 one time. 

-Replaces 238 pre-2007 overly polluting state vehicles. Requested $25,000,000 one time. 

Air Quality Messaging Campaigns. Rep. Arent. $500,000 one time.

-Funds expanded year-round air quality messaging campaigns and includes new targeted areas. Requested $1,000,000 ongoing. 

Mobile Monitoring Data Collection. Sen. Escamilla. $50,000 one time. 

-Provides air quality monitors on TRAX lines. 

Air Quality and Climate Research Study. Speaker Wilson. $200,000 one time.

- Funds a public/private partnership to prepare and air quality and changing climate roadmap for legislative consideration during the next general session.


Generator Replacement. Sen. Buxton. Requested $1,620,000 one time.

-Upgrades generators for the new correctional facility.

Revolving Loan Fund: Energy Efficiency Fund. Rep. Hutchings. Requested $10,000,000 one time.

-Implements cost-effective energy efficiency and resilience upgrades for state buildings including schools and public buildings. 

On-Road Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle Replacement. Sen. Mayne. Requested $15,000,000 one time.

-Provides a 50% match for heavy-duty vehicle replacements.

Yard Equipment Exchange. Rep. Harrison. Requested $3,710,000 one time.

-Incentivizes replacement of gas powered lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, and snow blowers with electric equivalents.

Clean Energy Innovation Fund. Rep. Hutchings. Requested $1,500,000 one time. 

-Provides funding to Governor's Office of Energy Development to develop early stage projects with potential solutions to energy and efficiency needs. 



Additional Info

  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: SB 2, SB 3