2018 Legislative Summary

DAQ Appropriations Requests:

Air Quality FTE - Stack Test Auditor $118,000

Air Quality FTE - Technical Analysis Scientist $118,700

Air Quality Science for Solutions (research) $500,000

Air Quality State Implementation Planning (SIP) $113,300



Passed AQ Bills:

HB 101- Air Quality Emissions Testing Amendments. Rep. Arent and Sen. Bramble

Creates a 3-year pilot program for the non-attainment counties already not including diesel vehicles in their emissions inspection programs. Currently, only Utah Co does not include diesels so this bill really only applies to UT Co. It requires reporting from the County to DAQ, then DAQ to the Natural Resources Interim Committee on the estimated emissions reduced. The first 5 model years of the diesel vehicles are exempt from testing under the pilot program. One Page Fact Sheet

HB 331- Air Pollution Mitigation Education Program. Rep. Kennedy and Sen. Weiler

Requires new drivers in Utah be provided with air quality information regarding how to lessen the impact on air quality during vehicle use. Things like idling, trip chaining, cold starts, etc. Requires this information to be provided by the Drivers License division, and also in commercial driving schools and drivers education in schools. (Breathe Utah has been successful in getting air quality into the new core standards for drivers ed through the State Board of Education, which is happening this year!).

SB 136- Transportation Governance Amendments. Sen. Harper and Rep. Schultz

This bill creates some great opportunities for transit in the future. There is also a new provision in the 6th sub that requires the additional fees for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and hybrid vehicles go to fund EV infrastructure within the state. This will hopefully offset the unintended consequences that could come from increasing registration fees on these clean vehicles. WFRC Summary

Failed or dead bills:

HB 171- Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments. Rep. Romero and Sen. Escamilla

--Sent back to rules because it didn’t get prioritized when the boards were wiped. This bill increases the fine for drivers who intentionally tamper with their emissions controls to "roll coal". It also creates a better reporting mechanism from the police/highway patrol, to the health departments so these vehicles can be brought in for inspection. The fee increases: from $50 to $100 for first offense, and up to $250 for subsequent offenses. Passed House Transportation 6-1-5. Passed House Floor 72-0-3. Passed Senate Transportation 5-0-2.

HB 211- Freight Switcher Emissions Mitigation. Rep. Handy

--Sent back to rules because the $2m appropriation attached was not going to get funded.

This bill would create a sort of pilot project for Union Pacific to apply for grant funding through the Division of Air Quality, with funds provided through this legislation and leveraged with other funding sources such as DERA funds, and UP to put up a portion of the funds, to repower up to 3 freight switcher locomotives. There are 60 switchers in Utah, all of which operate in non-attainment areas in the state. They are Tier 0 or Tier 0+ engines. Today's standard is Tier 4, and a Tier 4 engine is 99% cleaner than a Tier 0, upwards of 80+% cleaner than a Tier 0+. They have a 60 year useful life and cost between $1.5 and $2 million to repower or replace. Passed House Natural Resources 10-1-2. Passed House Floor 50-14-11. Freight Switchers 2Pager DEQ

HB 479- Zero Emission Vehicle Program. Rep. Eliason

--Sent back to rules because it didn't get prioritized when the boards were wiped 

This bill would adopt a portion of the ZEV mandate, requiring a certain number of Zero Emissions Vehicles to be sold in Utah. This would provide an opportunity for dealerships to get more of these clean vehicles to sell on Utah lots. Passed House Public Utilities 7-0-4.