HB 211 Freight Switcher Emissions Mitigation


This bill amends requirements for grants issued under the Clean Air Retrofit, Replacement and Off-road Technology Program (CARROT).

This bill would appropriate in fiscal year 2019 $2million to the Department of Environmental Quality, one time, to make grants for the reduction of freight switcher emisisons.

The division shall seek additional sources of funding for the projects (ie DERA funds). 

Freight Switchers are yard locomotives. There are 60 within the state. These engines are very old Tier 0+ engines. Due to our climate, these must idle 24 hours per day, emitting a lot of unecessary diesel exhaust into our air shed. The current standard for diesel engines is Tier 4. A Tier 4 engine is 99% cleaner than the Tier 0 and Tier 0+ engines. 


  • Rep. Steve Handy



Fiscal Note



2/13 House Natural Resources. Passed Favorable Recommendation. 10-1-2

2/23 House Passed 3rd Reading 50-14-11

3/5 To Rules

Scheduled Hearings

2/6. 8:00. Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee. Senate 210. AGENDA

2/13. 8:00. NRAE. Capitol Rm. 445. AGENDA

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