HB 392 Air Quality Policy Advisory Board


  • This bill creates the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board.
  • The board will be comprised of 10 voting members: 2 Senators apointed by the Senate President, 3 Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House, the executive director, one represenative from business, one representative from industry, one representative from the academic community, and one NGO not representing industry or business. 
  • The role of the Board will be to: 1. seek the best available science to identify ways to improve air quality; 2. identify and prioritize potential legislation and funding that will improve air quality; and 3. make recommendations to the Legislature on how to improve air quality in the state. 


  • Rep. Timothy Hawkes 
  • Sen. Todd Weiler


  • 2/24 House Transportation. Favorable recommendation. 10-0-2
  • 3/1 House 3rd Reading Passed. 72-0-3
  • 3/1 House to Senate
  • 3/3 Senate Bus & Labor. Favorable recommendation. 4-0-4
  • 3/8 Senate Floor - 2nd Reading Passed 21-5-3. Will skip 3rd reading.
  • 3/8 To Governor for Signature. 

Upcoming Hearings

  • 2/24 7:30am. Capitol Building rm. 450. House Transportation. AGENDA
  • 3/3 4:10pm. Senate Building rm. 215. Senate Business & Labor. AGENDA

Additional Info

  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: HB 392