HB 104 Motor Vehicle Emission


  • Allows a local county that imposes a local emissions-compliance fee to use revenues generated from the fee to promote programs to maintain national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS).
  • Local governments charge a compliance fee, paid at vehicle registration ($1-$3) to establish air quality and emissions programs and enforce/maintain them. The money in this “fund” is growing without a real need to improve or expand the current programs in place. This bill allows local governments to create additional programs with this compliance fee and increase the fee at their discretion to enhance air quality within their community as long as it is used to promote programs that are aimed to maintain the NAAQS. Can’t spend the money designated for air quality on something else.


  • Rep. Wilde, Logan


  • 1/26 House Transportation Favorable Recommendation 10-0-2
  • 2/6 House 3rd Reading. Passed 75-0-0 
  • 2/8 to STPUT 
  • 2/15 STPUT Favorable Recommendation 5-0-2
  • 2/23 Senate 3rd Reading. Passed 24-0-5
  • 2/23 To Governor for Signature

Scheduled Hearings

  • 2/15 8:00am. Senate bldg. rm 215. SSTTPT. AGENDA


1/26 House Transportation 10-0-2,

2/6 House vote 75-0-0 after Rep Ivory inserted 'local, state and' before 'national ambient...' on line 157


Additional Info

  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: HB 104