HB 134 Emissions Testing Amendments


  • Restricts the authority of a county to exempt a motor vehicle from an emissions test.
  • Requires any county which has a current emissions testing program to test diesel vehicles under 14,000 pounds. 


  • Rep. Patrice Arent, D - Millcreek
  • Sen. Curtis Bramble



Diesel vehicles that fall out of compliance are 7-8 times more polluting than a comparable gasoline vehicle. This bill would require that all non-attainment counties require light and medium duty diesel vehicles and trucks under 14,000 pounds to undergo emissions inspections, including a visual inspection to look for modifications and tampering of emissions control systems. 

  • Testing and repairing diesels in Utah County would reduce emissions by 170 tons per year
  • $3,500 per ton counting $20 test fee/vehicle and repair costs
  • At the last SIP round, the area source rule cost per ton reduced was $280 - 6500/ton
  • Cost per ton reduced by industrial sources averaged $25,000


  • 1/23 to House Rules
  • 2/3 House Transportation. Favorable recommendation, unanimous. 10-0-2
  • 2/17 House 3rd Reading. Circled
  • 2/24 House 3rd Reading. Passed. 39-29-7
  • 2/24 House to Senate
  • 3/2 Senate Bus & Labor. Favorable recommendation. 5-0-3

Scheduled Hearings

  • 2/3 2:00. State Capitol rm 450. House Transportation. AGENDA
  • 3/2 8:00. Senate Building rm 215. Senate Business & Labor. AGENDA

Additional Info

  • Position: SUPPORT
  • Bills: HB 134