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Thursday, 20 December 2018 17:32

Know When To Burn

Wood fires...

...can be beautiful. Unfortunately, solid fuels like wood, coal, and leaves can't burn cleanly because solids just don't mix well with air. When our mountain valleys experience inversions, the pollution we make stays and stays. The smoke from wood fires make about a tenth of that pollution buildup.

That's a lot of pollution for something we don't need to do.

Check UtahAir. If you really want a fire, the time to do it is when the forecast is stormy. But when an inversion is settling in...it's not worth it. For anyone. Know When to Burn.

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Know When To Burn -- a short animation 


Know When To Burn: The Story of Combustion

Designed especially for Eighth Grade 8.4.3. Topics include complete vs. incomplete combustion, atoms and molecules, composition of air, nitrogen oxidation, and stoichiometry. #knowwhentoburn


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